Explore INC (WIP)

Open world, randomly generated space game. A type of game tried over and over again, starting with “Elite”. I’m no exception, and I have developed such a game for a 2 week long game jam. It was called, you guessed it: Explore INC. However, two weeks is not enough for a game of such ambitions. As expected, game turned out to be quite lackluster. Although generated planets looked pretty, game lacked in all other areas, such as gameplay, and had a terrible code.

You can check jam version of Explore INC. here: https://chroteus.itch.io/explore-inc

This isn’t what I intended, though. I’m going to remake Explore INC. the way I had it in my mind. To keep track of progress, and not lose motivation, I’m going to post about the progress here.

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